stars in my eyes

Last night, I stood in my back yard with my neighbor Tonya and we watched the International Space Station pass over us. The ISS looked like a bright star moving across the sky, fading slightly as it approached the eastern horizon before disappearing behind a tree. Tonya and I acted like huge dorks, jumping up and down and waving to the astronauts onboard, knowing full well they couldn't see us, and grinning fit to split our faces. It was fantastic.

We're trying to find some coinciding free time so we can head up into the hills to one of the observatories, probably the Lick Observatory. I can't wait. I forget sometimes how much I love the stars, and then I do something like this and I remember.

Science and wonder and awe. This universe is amazing.

and another year...

Wow. I am now less than a week away from no longer being a twenty-something. I will complete my third decade on Sunday. o.O Dude.

In other news, it's also been stupidly long since I last posted, but I'll fix that later. Like when it's not stupid-o'clock in the morning and I don't need to have been in bed three hours ago. *headdesk* On the other hand, I have lots of super cool stuff to talk about at this fictional later date.

Also also, I believe I have a suitably obnoxious solution to what promises to be @#*&$*&^#$ heat at Beltane. It's orange. Kind of.

I should sleep. And eat something. I think I mostly forgot to do that today (yesterday?). That was dumb.

Birthday party, Thanksgiving, and Miracles, oh my!

So Wednesday was acanthusleaf's birthday, or at least the observance of it, and her fabulous apprentice organized a birthday dinner and drinks for her. Dinner, drinks, and dessert were had at the Los Gatos Brewing Company in downtown San Jose, and we took up a long table that spanned the entire back of the restaurant. There were upwards of 20 folks there, all having a grand time and unsurprisingly, given the group, many looking quite fabulous. Cin lent me a long strand of pearls and a 1940s pillbox hat, so I got to look fabulous, too, despite coming straight from work. I think both Laurie and Katherine were a little overwhelmed by the turnout, but that's what they get for being the wonderful ladies they are.

After we wrapped up at the restaurant, a bunch of us headed over to sarahbellem and zoccolaro's new house to get a sneak preview of how awesome it's going to be when the work is finished and they can move in. There was much discussion and exclaiming over cool things that were part of the original house and it was totally neat. By the time I dropped Cin back home and got myself home, I was really, really glad that I had already made my mincemeat.

Yesterday, Thanksgiving morning dawned not as bright and early as I had intended, so getting my pie crust made, the pie baked, and myself showered and dressed and to my folks' church on time was a bit of an adventure. For years, my family has been attending the huge Thanksgiving potluck dinner that is put on by the church, and it's always fun. The lovely thing about a big potluck like this is that everyone only has to bring one dish, and it's usually a specialty of theirs, so all the food is great. My dad makes awesome pies and I learned the art of pie-baking from him. I was gratified that my mincemeat pie was well-received, and one person told me it was the best they'd ever had. Yay! Also, it's a great time for me to see a bunch of folks who watched me grow up in the church, and my mom, social butterfly that she is, was only at our table long enough to eat before she was off socializing with everyone. I enjoyed the group at our table (each table seats about 8) and made small side trips to visit at a couple of other tables.

I was especially thrilled to see our friend Fred, who is in his 80s and very recently had a miraculous recovery from a nasty cancer that everyone, including himself and his doctors, thought was going to finish him off. I had gone to say goodbye and spend some time with him about a month and a half ago, when we weren't sure he would last out the week, but his body rallied, the treatment took, and he is up and walking on his own, albeit with a cane. Happy Thanksgiving for him, indeed, and for all of us who love him.


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Three things to be excited about!

Yay, exciting things!

1. I get to go see Epica in concert tonight in San Francisco! My friend Sarah got tickets and I get to go with. Whee!

2. Holy crap, I step up as Bard of the Mists on Saturday! And I get to work for Bjarni and Finna! These next 6 months are going to rock so hard!

3. The 1530s Carreggio feast at Collegium was a ton of fun to work! I did the boy-server thing again, so now I have a sleeveless doublet and the cutest little codpiece ever.

Ok, gotta run.

Also, I am not dead. Love you all.

Ask me about the dancing pork chop...

Last Saturday, I entered Mists Bardic, as I have for the past several years since I moved down here from Allyshia. Unlike the last several years, however, I did not dodge the responsibility-bullet in time.

I won!

I am now the incipient Bard of the Mists, and I will take over the office from my good friend Derilei ingen Ferat at Mists Investiture in November. I'm really, really excited! The other competitors were Flieg, Bear, and Dýrfinna Guðmundsdottir. Finna had never really done a bardic competition before, but she jumped in with both feet and definitely made a splash. Her "Sumus Victores" had most of the audience dying of laughter as soon as she got to the chorus and we realized what she had done: translated "We Are the Champions" into Latin. In my book, she gets bonus points for doing something she'd never done before and singing in public.

The event itself was a great deal of fun, and the feast was really yummy. I had the pleasure of sharing a table with my awesome Laurel hrj, lifeofglamour, klwilliams, Geoffrey Matthias, Juliana of Tregony, falzalot, Aurelia de Montfort, and a lady whose name I didn't catch, but who was pleasant company. Santiago had brought plates and sticks for spinning, so I learned how to do the spinning plate trick. Whee! We also got some dancing going, including the very silly, newly-minted "Pork Chop Bransle" (a modified version of the Pease Bransle, done to the music of "Non sofre Santa Maria"). That one's mostly my fault.

As usual, here are the pieces I did:

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Law Office Adventures (Parts 1 and 2 of probably more than 2)

It's been an interesting week at the office. I got to check a couple of big things off of my Giant To-Do List of Doom, which felt pretty damn good. The process of getting there was a little more entertaining and adventuresome than I might have chosen, but it makes for good stories.

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Update of DOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And cookies.)

Whoof, been a while since I updated this thing. Um, quick drive-by highlights from the last *eyes journal* eight months or so? Geez.

- I have been at my awesome, amazing job for a little over a year now and I still love it. I like the work we do, I have developed a good rapport with all of our clients whose cases I'm managing (of which there are about 17), my coworkers rock, and my boss is supportive and understanding while still expecting a lot from me.

- I broke my car less than a week after buying her, but after replacing the engine (yikes!), she's been running great. In addition to the daily commute, she's done a number of longer trips, including out to Quincy (in the Sierras) in June and up to southern Oregon in July. (Yes, my car is a she. Her name is Omen.)

- As I mentioned earlier this year, my boss took us on a Caribbean cruise at the end of January/beginning of February. We got on the ship in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and over the next week, stopped for a day each in Saint Croix, Antigua, San Martin/Sint Maarten, Saint Lucia, and Barbados. I kayaked, snorkeled with stingrays and sea turtles, biked, and saw a volcano. I explored a little bit of each island with various members of our party. I got all dressed up and formal for dinner. We got VIP treatment and our tables were by the windows. I got an awesome massage. I came home sick, but the trade-off was totally worth it. And yes, there are pictures.

- The Saturday of Beltane was my 29th birthday and my awesome Laurel of amazingness made dinner for the two of us, my mom, and one of my friends. It was delicious. That dinner and the Sunday morning live chess game (I got to be the white queen) were the highlights of the event for me. Being Greencloak was definitely not, due to a shortage of heralds and my failing to delegate as much as I needed to. June Crown and West/AnTir were much, much better.

- I wrote a triolet earlier this week, just to try out the form. As to the content, I blame a book I read recently.

The Pegasus and the Unicorn
Are servants of the Faerie Queen,
And gladly to her service sworn,
The Pegasus and the Unicorn.
Now, as when the world was born,
They keep her forest bright and green:
The Pegasus and the Unicorn
Are servants of the Faerie Queen.

I will write more of these, I think. It's a compact little form, and only five lines need to be written.

Ok, it is now bedtime.

In which I revel in being a geek. Because it is fun. ^__^

Fun with pseudo-Middle English! Woohoo!

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"Yea, I wyl nauther verte ne ette cerreyl, and I wyl speke no corses. Two stori schal I telle, and flawers smal, and als kepe clene my chambre. And also quen I lyye in my lofte yow schal brynge me watter."

I flat-out invented "cerreyl," guessed at "yea," "speke," "kepe," and "clene," and pulled "verte" from "Sumer is icumen in," but everything else I gleaned directly from Gawain. It was really fun.

In which I am such a rebel!

I am such a rebel! I am eating dessert before dinner. (Even if it is technically the dessert I got myself at lunch and didn't get around to eating then...) Yes, I am blatantly spoiling my appetite with a cake-pop. Cookies-and-cream, even! Omnomnomnom. Go, rebel, go! n________n


In which I have been asked to consort.

Um. Wow.

A little earlier this evening, I received an email from a certain knight asking me for the honor of bearing my favor at March Crown next weekend. I think my jaw hit the floor. I was surprised that he had thought of me at all, and extremely flattered that he holds me in high enough esteem to ask. I have only met the knight in question a few times, as he came to the Northern Marches after I had moved south, but we have a large number of mutual friends who all speak very well of him.

I am inclined to accept, provided he understands that, as Greencloak, my top priority is and must be training and monitoring the field and duty heralds. Given that, this would be my first time as a consort at a Crown.


ETA: The knight in question is Sir Lawrence of the Marsh.
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